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October 2010

Scenes of Tacoma

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“I’ve seen Tacoma… from the interstate.” Well, it’s time to make a change. For years now, we’ve heard about how Tacoma’s downtown has been revitalized. And, it has. It’s walkable and vibrant and filled with art, as anyone who has made the trip to visit the Museum of Glass or catch a show at Pantages […]

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Cozy Cabins on a Budget at Grace Haven

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I have cabin fever. No, not that kind-the other kind. The kind where you’re crazy for cabins.  I’m crazy for cabins – cedar walls, steaming cups of cocoa, cozy fires, wool blankets. Love them.  First, I told you about staying at my friend’s cabin in Winthrop. But we couldn’t stop there. No, there was another. […]

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At the Cabin

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I grew up in the Midwest. Illinois, to be precise. In Illinois, we had cornfields and soybeans. To the north up in Wisconsin and Minnesota, though, were big trees, lakes and… cabins. On occasion, I’d know someone whose cousin’s girlfriend’s grandparents owned one of those lakefront cabins, and up we’d go to relax a little, […]

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Earthbox Inn is an Oasis on San Juan Island

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Guest blogger Lace Thornberg stayed at Earthbox Inn and Spa in Friday Harbor with her guy, Wade, and wanted to share her cool find with you. I’ll happily pitch a tent almost anywhere when I am sleeping outside. But when it comes to indoor accommodations, I can be a hard person to please. Too many bed […]

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Where To Go Now: October

BRITISH COLUMBIA The 29th annual Vancouver International Film Festival runs now through October 15th, featuring 370 films from 75 countries. It’s one of North America’s largest and most diverse film festivals, showing big name movies, small name shorts, and art house gems. Tickets are completely affordable, generally $10-$12 per screening, and are sold at several […]

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