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May 2013


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Is it summer yet? Here’s a little bucket list of cool stuff going on in the Pacific Northwest throughout the month of #JUNE.   Parks for FREE! In celebration of the great outdoors, both Washington State Parks and Oregon State Parks are free to visit on Saturday, June 1.  Oregon is even offering that night free […]

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Q: Great Camping on the Washington Coast?

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Dear TripFinder, Q: Hi there! We’re driving down from BC, Canada and shooting for Bogachiel State Park and checking out the Hoh Rainforest, but we were looking for a nice midpoint between there and Oregon, something a long the coast, or not far from it. Any suggestions come to mind? Oh- and I should mention first […]

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How To Choose a Camping Tent that Will Last

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Why camp on your summer vacation? How about because it’s loads of fun? Because you create lifelong memories with people you love over a crackling campfire. Because coffee tastes better outside. Because you don’t care if you have twigs in your hair or corn in your teeth. Because… s’mores. Because camping will also save you a […]

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Day Hikes and Cheap Sleeps in the Methow Valley

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The North Cascades Highway twists and turns around granite peaks before dipping down into Washington’s glacial-carved Methow Valley. Here, open meadows are dotted with ponderosa pine trees that reach for a blue sky, and cast shadows across raging rivers. Early summer is a marvelous season to visit here for outdoor recreation, as it tends to […]

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Camp Coffee Six Ways

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When I plan a camping trip there are a few comforts that are non-negotiable, even when hiking deep into the backcountry. One is warmth, and I have a ridiculously low-temp sleeping bag with a waterproof shell to ensure I will never again stay up all night shivering.  The other is hot morning coffee, preferably ready […]

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CAMP: White River Campground at Mount Rainier

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At 4,400 feet elevation, the White River Campground melts out a bit later than other Mount Rainier campgrounds, but that’s okay. You’ll want to save your trip here for late July or early August anyway when the wildflowers that carpet subalpine meadows 12 miles up the road at Sunrise are in full bloom. Campsites directly […]

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Best Lake Camping in Washington

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No reservations? No problem. Get our FREE GUIDE to Last-Minute Camping in the Pacific Northwest. When I was a child growing up in the Midwest going camping meant three things: camping by a lake, swimming in a lake, and fishing in a lake. (It also involved picking ticks off once getting out of the lake. If there’s […]

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Wine Tasting: Getting to Know Northwest Wines

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Have you pondered why Washington is known for full-bodied Merlot while Oregon is famous for its fruity Pinot Noir? Location, location, location. The topography and climate of the Pacific Northwest is incredibly diverse, and this diversity is reflected in our wines. When you visit a particular wine region, you’ll encounter some of the same wine varietals again and again. For example, […]

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Here’s what’s on our bucket list for the month of MAY.   Farmers Markets Begin! Across the Northwest, farm-fresh eggs and spring radishes are on their way to a neighborhood farmer’s market near you. We love to scout out farmer’s markets when we travel around the Northwest for the best in local baked goods, arts and […]

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