Travel Juneau

September 2017

A Bite of Autumn: Fall Day Trips in the Northwest

Psst…. get our premier guide to fall travel – Autumn Escapes in the Pacific Northwest. Get inspired to spend your fall weekends combing rocky beaches, savoring the harvest, and hiking scenic mountain trails of Washington and Oregon. Get it here. It’s October, my favorite month in the kitchen and in the great outdoors. Let’s see… the past few days I’ve made […]

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Campfire Bans for September 2017

Taking a camping trip this weekend?  Pack your gear using our handy Car Camping Checklist and you won’t forget anything, ever. UPDATED: September 1, 2017 Going camping? There are campfire restrictions in place. In fact, 2017 marks the fifth summer in a row that has seen restrictions on campfires in the Northwest. It seems it is our new normal. […]

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